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RC Comp 2: The Fourth Wall
compiled by Digable James Cobo

The death of Rant Central be damned; that doesn't mean that the RC comps have to die! In the true spirit of Destiny's Child, the RC name shall live on independent of the site in the form of this series. Last time, we had a bunch of great matches, but to be honest, I always thought that there was something missing. See, the last one was, for all intents and purposes, kinda introductory; it was intended to be a taste of the higher-end stuff (thus the Best Deathmatch Ever, the Liger/Samurai match, the AJ match, etc). This time, I'm feeling less obligated to deliver accessible stuff - mind you, this tape will be still HUGELY easy to watch, but there's going to be some stuff that doesn't get the pimping that, say, other stuff gets.

Again, the rules:

1. I include extraneous things like heat-gathering segments or extended stall sessions to allow you to get a feel for the match's heat and setup. So feel free to fast-forward, but I wouldn't necessarily reccomend it.

2. JIP: Joined In Progress. HH: Handheld (camera)

3. Due to the fact that there may be some wrestlers that people won't recognize, a who's who is provided after the match description in this token shade of yellow.

Copies are $16.50 ($13 for the 8-hour tape, just like I've always charged, plus $3.50 for USPS Priority Mail shipping). I can accept orders via personal check (allow 2-3 days to let the check clear), money order, well-concealed cash (although if it disappears in the mail, I take no responsibility), or PayPal. Please contact me via email at before ordering, though; there may be circumstances that preclude me taking your money.

Blah, blah, blah; the matches, Paul, the matches!


1. Ah! L'amour! Yeah, so it's not a wrestling match per se, but this is TOOOOOOOOOO great to not be seen. Don Herzfeldt is a fucking GENIUS. When I saw this for the first time, I literally could not stop laughing. And besides, what; you can't spare two minutes?

2. Michinoku Pro: Tiger Mask 4 vs. Minoru Fujita. The first thing you'll notice about this match is the tracking line at the bottom; it can't be helped - it's on my tape, sadly. But the second thing you'll notice is that the match is fucking great. Fujita shows why he may have been the hottest player on the Japanese Indy circuit for the first few months of 2000 (seriously - it was either him or Honma and Yamakawa) as he holds up his end of the bargain in some GREAT matwork, while TM4 works the "Hey! Look at me! I know how to sell!" role. And then midway through, we start getting all these kickass suplex variations, leading up to the debut of the Millenium Suplex, which drops Fujita RIGHT on his forehead. Brutal, great ending to a kickass cool match.

(Tiger Mask 4 wears a mask that looks like a tiger [I know, I know, but some people might not know]. Minoru Fujita does not.)

3. WCW: The Steiner Brothers vs. Doctor Death Steve Williams/Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy (Clash XIX)

4. WCW: The Steiner Brothers vs. Doctor Death Steve Williams/Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy (Beach Blast '92)

A double-shot of two of the best matches the Steiners ever had. The Clash match is ALLLLLL about the amateur wrestling; roughly ten of the seventeen minutes that it goes are all on the mat. They may as well have had Jim Ross scoring points. And the Beach Blast one may be even better - there's a slight amateur section that almost feels like a continuation of the Clash match, but then they go full-bore into LAYING INTO EACH OTHER with chops, punches, kicks, and suplexes so hard that they make mothers cry. The Beach Blast one's one of my favorite matches around. Watch this match and tell me that it's not depressing to see Scott Steiner today - well, you know what I mean, anyway.

5. All Japan Women: Shinobu Kandori vs. Akira Hokuto And twenty-three matches into the RC Comp series, the ladies show up. If ever you needed convincing that the women wrestling in the WWF should barely qualify as wrestling, here it is - one of the greatest matches I've ever seen out of either gender. Seriously - if it's not in this match, you don't want it - brutal stiffness, wicked neck death, out-of-control impact on moves, tight psychology, real-life backstage hate, and the World's Most Wicked Bladejob. It's half an hour long, and it's two women - two factors which may induce fast-forwarding in some of you - but give this match a chance and you'll be all "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn."

Akira Hokuto is blonde, and wears a black-and-white outfit. Shinobu Kandori has black hair, looks mannish, and wears a yellow-and-black outfit.

6. Michinoku Pro: CIMA Nobunaga/Curry Man/Super Boy vs. Shiryu II/Jodie Fleisch/Minoru Fujita So you say you like the TLC matches, eh? You like them thar' highspots, eh? Well then brother, have I got a match to show you. Eighteen minutes of BREATHTAKING spots, at BREAKNECK speed, WITHOUT COMPROMISE, done by six guys who all smoke any of the TLC regulars - well, not Fujita, who's in this match to provide the mat-based Striking Alternative (and to set up his match with CIMA later on the tape that I got this from, but That's Not Important). CIMA's probably the next-least spectacular, and with timing like his, that's saying something. He's just fun. And from there on out, it's GOLD GOLD GOLD: Curry Man - Christopher Daniels' MPro persona (and a great character to boot)! Super Boy - Fat Boy High Spot Artiste! Shiryu II - Topes from Here to Eternity! Jodie Motherfucking Fleisch - %110 high-flyer - the guy who introduced the world to the run-up-the-wall shooting-star-press! And the finish... you'll love the finish. Hell with that; you'll lovef the match.

CIMA has black shorts with arrows pointing to his ass and crotch. Curry Man is dressed in yellow and has a "bowl of curry" on his head (told you it was great). Super Boy is a big fat guy. Shiryu II is blue and white, and has a furry mask. Jodie Fleisch is black, and has a white lightning bolt down the legs of his pants.

7. ECWA: Christopher Daniels vs. Scoot Andrews (HH) This would be the final from the 2000 edition of the Super 8, and it's pretty good. And while I don't love this match the way I love the final from this year, I sure LIKE it - it's very counter-driven, and Daniels REALLY puts on a carrying show. And hey, it's like ten minutes long. You could do worse.

Christopher Daniels comes to the ring in a priest's uniform. Scoot Andrews does not.

7. IWRG: Dr. Cerbero vs. El Hijo Del Santo Just a cool-ass match. Cerebro's got some of the greatest holds in the world, and isn't afraid to bust them out at the drop of a hat - witness the Cerebro Clutch to end the second caida - and on top of that is at the top of his form when it comes to transitions. And Santito's got - well, he's got it all; crispness, timing, and a seemingly-innate ability to make every move he does look legitimate. This match - it just comes together like a cake recipie; both guys work their timing and transitions to a T, play to the crowd, get some great nearfalls going, and work towards their finishers. Plus there's a few seriously impact-rich moves -witness the Rocker Dropper->double chickenwing combo on Cerebro that he takes like a FUCKING MAN - to keep you in it. It's just a great match, simmering and stewing until the two Masters at Work decide "That's enough, let's tear the roof off".

El Hijo Del Santo has a silver mask; Dr. Cerebro has a white mask with a brain-looking thing on top.

8. Osaka Pro: Dick Togo/Black Buffalo/Dailo QUALLT vs. Naohiro Hoshikawa/Super Demekin/Yoshito Sugamoto Ah, Osaka Pro; the number one fun fed in the entire world. But under their candy-coated exterior, there's a BRILLIANT little fed waiting to get out and slap everyone around for not showing up at the shows. This match, rarely seen for some reason, may be the worst of the high-end Osaka Pro appropriations of the infamous KDX vs. Sekigun tags of 1996 MPro... but it's still good FUCKING GOOD. Watch Togo and Hoshikawa rule the earth; watch Black Buffalo not screw anything up; watch Dailo Quallt be the World's Best Kane; watch Demekin bump like a superball; watch Sugamoto not do much of note. Watch the match.

Dick Togo is bald and wears a "Dick Mania" t-shirt. Black Buffalo has horns. Dailo QUALLT is red and black. Hoshikawa has black shorts on. Super Demekin has a mask with a nose. Sugamoto wears a singlet.

9. AJPW: Mitsuharu Misawa/Kenta Kobashi vs. Toshiaki Kawada/Akira Taue From 6/9/95. This match is the greatest match I've ever seen, and likely ever will. I'll just leave it at that.

Misawa's pants are white and green. Kobashi's trunks are orange. Kawada's are yellow and black. Taue's are red.

10. TWA: American Dragon vs. Spanky Today, everyone nuts all over how great American Dragon is, and with good reason. But there was a time not too long ago when I pegged Spanky as the one to watch, and even went so far as to say that he *SMOKED* Dragon. This match would be from that time. Actually, this PARTICULAR match is probably a push as far as both guys go; they're both SOOOOOOOOO on in this match that it isn't even funny. And Doron pegged it - this match is the crispest thing you'll likely ever see come out of the indies. He went on to compare it to one of those Nitro cruiserweight matches from '96-'98 - crisp, fun, to-the-point, and worth my (your) time. It's just a good, simple match from two guys who will both - Spanky IS Shawn Michaels Dos, I swear - hit the bigs, one way or another.

American Dragon has a mask. Spanky does not.

11. WCW: Brian Pillman vs. Johnny B. Badd Ah, the simple joy that IS the Fuck You match. See, the story behind this match is that the Higher-Ups in WCW (remember them?) were sick with the way that Brian Pillman seemed to be getting himself over on his own while the rest of WCW was having a slightly hard time doing just that. So they sent him out there to open a PPV - Fall Brawl '95 - with the green-as-FUCK Johnny B. Badd for THIRTY MINUTES, hoping that he'd be not up to the task, and would fall on his face, and then wouldn't they ALL have a good chuckle at the way they got rid of another pesky over performer. But LO AND BEHOLD, Pillman pulls out a miracle match, working That Olde Pillman Charm the way nobody else ever could, and likely ever will. What better way to pay tribute to the man than by watching one of his best matches?

12. Zero-One: Naohiro Hoshikawa vs. Naomichi Marufuji A breath of fresh air. I love this match; it's one of - if not THE - best matches I've seen this year. It's revolutionary, cool, and really FUCKING great to boot. Watch for the types of offense that each guy uses; watch how the styles play into the match. Watch the match. You'll thank me later.

Marufuji has white pants with his name written down one side.

13. Michinoku Pro: Great Sasuke/Gran Hamada/Super Delfin/Gran Naniwa/Masato Yakushiji vs. Dick Togo/Men's TEIOH/TAKA Michinoku/Shiryu/Shoichi Funaki In the history of spotfest matches, there aren't many that get pimped as perfect as much as the MPro ten-man tag from These Days. But IMHO, as great as the These Days match was...this is better. It starts faster, doesn't have the "Allright, now it's my turn" feeling to it, and psychology out the ass, even on the dive sequence(s). Not to mention, Shiryu (possibly better known to you as Kaz Hayashi) eats a Backdrop Driver that would make Steve Williams grin. It's a perfect match, really - and what's more, it's a lot more accessible than a lot of other perfect matches.

The Great Sasuke has an all-black bodysuit and a mask with green streamers behind it. Gran Hamada has black trunks and is old. Super Delfin has a mask with a pointed nose. Gran Naniwa has wings coming out of the sides of his mask. Masato Yakushiji is skinny as fuck and has a green outfit. Dick Togo has on these weird-looking pants that are a mishmash of yellow and blue. Men's TEIOH has blue-and-white trunks with white fringe. TAKA is TAKA. Shiryu has on the blue-and-white mask. Funaki has on a black-and-white singlet.

14. UPW: Kurt Angle vs. Christopher Daniels (HH) I'm not going to lie to you - this match isn't as good as it should be. I mean, both guys can be GODS whenever the mood strikes them - and apparently, it strikes them pretty often - and the match is, well, it's good, but it's not as good as it could be. Of course, I don't want to sell it short, either - had it made it to WWF TV, it would have been the best WWF TV match until the last two weeks. It's crisp, clean, entertaining, cool, has some cool moves, and HEY! It's Kurt Angle and Christopher Daniels! Even when it's disappointing, a match between those two is gonna be better than a good %80 of the matches out there. And because I love you, I include both Kurt Angle's promo (possibly the best one he's ever done - he's a linguistic masta! of disasta!) and Daniels' response.

15. Michinoku Pro: Judo SUWA vs. Tiger Mask 4 This one comes to me recently; it showed up on a tape that would have EEEEEKED under the deadline for the RSPW awards, and let me say this - it's good enough for me to say that it very well might have gotten my third-place vote. SUWA channels Terry Funk, TM4 channels Ric Flair, Differ Ariake channels Baltimore Maryland, and 2000 channels 1989 - it's like they decided to run an old-school NWA beatdown brawl match with a lucharesu moveset. It may well be the Great Lost Match of 2000. Things to watch for: RIDICULOUSLY head-drop-adelic suplexes, a STUPID tilt-a-whirl Tombstone, and the Hardest Kick Ever. Oh, and the whole rest of the match, too. Just plain GOOD GOOD GOOD.

Judo SUWA is bald.

16. NWA: Magnum TA vs. Tully Blanchard This would be the infamous Cage/I Quit match. A million billion trillion times as intense as anything you'll ever see on ECW/CZW/Whatever TV - because of the STORYTELLING. I'd like to kick whoever ran Magnum off the road RIGHT in the genitals, as they killed off the career of one of the greatest storytellers ever to walk the earth. And Tully - well, Ric got all the props for having All the Character in the World, and Arn and Ole get the credit as the enforcers, and Tully - Tully somehow gets left behind, possibly due to the fact that he decided to quit being the Most Intense/Violent Man Alive and go into preaching (!). I mean, what do you want me to say about this match? It's hellishly brutal, hellishly stiff, hellishly deep, and HELLISHLY good. And there's a little bit of blood, too.

Magnum TA has long blonde hair. Tully has short black hair.

17. DDT: Tanomusaku Toba/Takashi Sasaki/Ni Hao vs. Yuki Nishino/Asian Cougar/Super Rider (HH) DDT! DDT! DDT! If there's a fed that's more balls-out FUN to watch than DDT, I'm not sure I want to know what it is. The Gold Star goes to Asian Couger, utterly unafraid to drop the leg EVERYWHERE (including one legdrop to the outside that will make you hoot/holler), but really, the MVP is the heretofore unknown Ni Hao, who stays in the match a long time and sells quite well. Super Rider's not afraid to kick MASSIVELY hard, and Toba's throwin' them bombs. If this match had happened in ECW, everyone would have exploded with orgasmic delight.

Toba has boxing gloves on. Sasaki has long pants; Ni Hao has short ones. Asian Couger has a mask and wears yellow and black. Super Rider has a mask and wears red. Nishino's the other guy.

18. AAA: Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guererra Rey and Juvi are essentially the gold standard for describing two workers who bring out the best in each other, and for good reason. I just love love LOVE the way this match evolves into a near-power move match midway through, and then bring it back to straight-up lucha fireworks. Juvi's not afraid to kick Rey like there's no tomorrow, Rey's not afraid to try all sorts of weird transitions that end up rocking hard; the only thing there is to complain about is the countout finish. Well, that and the VQ. But hey - even if the VQ isn't great, the match sure as FUCK is.

Juvi has his mask on; Rey looks about normal.

19. ECW: Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Super Crazy The Living Dangerously '99 edition. Tajiri's PPV debut, and WHATAMATCH. Stiff work (I know, I know; I'm as surprised as you), GREAT spots, and actual flow make for one hell of a match. My only real complaint is that there's some highspots that didn't necessarily need to be there, but probably got thrown in there just to keep the vampires from rioting. But that's a teeny price to pay for an easy ***1/4 match. Oh, and be on the alert for Joey Styles' slight understatement regarding Tajiri's kicks. It's early on. You'll hear, and you'll laugh.

20. GAEA: Aja Kong vs. Meiko Satomura This would be their '99 match that made everyone cream their jeans, as compared to their 2000 match that made everyone cream their jeans. And it's pretty much FUCKING AWESOME. The wrong woman went over, sure, but hey - this match made me sit the FUCK down and shut the FUCK up. Plain and simple, one of the best matches I've ever seen. Stiffness (this may be the stiffest match I've ever seen without bleeding), big moves, Aja WRECKING Meiko with urakens... all of that's there, but it's the STORY that locks me in. I've seen movies about people facing insurmountable tasks - GOOD movies, even - that don't come CLOSE to touching this match for personifying that precise same thing.

Aja Kong is an enormous woman. Meiko Satomura is not.

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