RC Comp 3: Back With A New Batch
compiled by Digable James Cobo

Well, seeing as how the site's quieted down some - and yes, I know that's all my fault - I naturally found the time to put together another comp in the RC series. Seeing as how I took a two-month powder somewhere in here, this one won't be as current as the last one, but HELL, it's still full of a bunch of stuff that I call excellence.

But let us not forget the rules:

1. I include extraneous things like heat-gathering segments or extended stall sessions to allow you to get a feel for the match's heat and setup. So feel free to fast-forward, but I wouldn't necessarily reccomend it.

2. JIP: Joined In Progress. HH: Handheld (camera)

3. Due to the fact that there may be some wrestlers that people won't recognize, a who's who is provided after the match description in this token shade of yellow.

Copies are $16.50 ($13 for the 8-hour tape, just like I've always charged, plus $3.50 for USPS Priority Mail shipping). I can accept orders via personal check (allow 2-3 days to let the check clear), money order, well-concealed cash (although if it disappears in the mail, I take no responsibility), or PayPal. Please contact me via email at trdn89@hotmail.com before ordering, though; there may be circumstances that preclude me taking your money.

And now, the matches.


1. (00:00:00) Combat Zone Wrestling: Red/Spanish Announce Team vs. Divine Storm/Brian XL. Speaking from a strict technical POV, this may be one of the worst matches of the year - there's lots of no-selling, few transitions, and very little pacing whatsoever. But I bet you money that you'll understand precisely why this made the cut the moment it starts :D

Red wears a lot of red. Quiet Storm wears red pants. Chris Devine wears black-and-white ones. Brian XL is black. Nobody on earth can tell the SATs apart :)

2. (00:18:40) All Japan Women: Manami Toyota vs. Aja Kong. If pressed, I'd probably call this my favorite joshi match of all time. There may be better matches, but this match just has everything I love about Good Pro Wrestling: drama (the nearfalls at the end are as exciting and credible as any I've ever seen), consistency (if you can excuse the inevitable Mid 90s Toyota Comeback, which in light of the rest of the match, I can), storytelling (Manami isn't my absolute favorite wrestler, but she's PERFECT in this role), and of course BRU-FUCKING-TALITY.

3. (00:42:24)