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Hi, y'all. My name's Brendan Welsh-Balliett, out of Brooklyn, NYC, and I go by "Shaddax" on the net, for no real good reason other than that it sounded cool back when I chose it, in the mid '90's. I'm 20 years old, live in Brooklyn, and go to NYU on occasion, when I'm not busy convincing myself that there must be something better to do than sit in class. I'm single, if you care. You don't? Cool, let's move on. Should you feel some desperite need to contact me, I can be found either at the infamous ITVR message board, or on AIM under the name "Shaddax" (or under other names, but if you think I'm giving those out, you're dead wrong). Here's a few particulars:

Favorite Fed: Really none, I suppose, though I get more amusement per hour watched out of Toryumon than just about anyone else; and I keep meaning to watch more EMLL, because when they're on, BOY HOWDY is that some fun shit. Ah, summer projects….

Favorite Music: Bob Dylan, A no. 1. After that, a million other guys: Radiohead, Biggie, Tupac, Big Pun, Jadakiss, Tom Petty, Guns n' Roses, a million others, too many to mention. At the exact moment I'm writing this, I can't get "Banned From TV" by NORE, Pun, Jada, Killa Cam, Nature, and Styles out of my head, where it's been lodged for months.

Favorite Movies: Fight Club, Seven Samurai- those two above all. Masterpeices, go see them both, on DVD, and listen to the commentary. Now! Stop reading this and go!

Favorite Websites: (dormant and unupdated, but has pictures of me if you're interested), ITVR,, I'm into the basics.

Favorite Teams: Pretty much anybody from NYC, in a non-bizarro league; I'm a total sports fan, yet somehow am able to manage the mental contradictions of being into, for instance, the Mets and Yanks at the same time. Yes, I know this violates at least 27 different rules of being a sports fan; nah, don't really care.

Random Shoutouts: Pete, enjoy Boston! Seamus, try not to get arrested, please? Ver: better times coming, hang in there. ITVR peeps, keep being the insane batch of wierdos you are. NYC: keep it thoro, for REAL for real.

Yes, I realize how silly website shoutouts are, but that's the fun of it, isn't it? Now stop reading this and go GET some of this shit we review; fun stuff y'all!

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