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My name is Chris Lening, and I Love You.

I live in Los Angeles, California, where I attend college. Not the one James goes to. The Good One. OOH, MODED YOU~! Seriously, though, I was hired because I harassed the Webmaster until he decided it'd be easier to be rid of me by making me write a lot.

Favorite Things:
Well, my favorite Federation in the World right now is CMLL, but obviously. It's easy to be beloved when you're so damn good. I like everything else that doesn't suck, so I suppose under that logic my favorite All-Time Wrestling is 1993 All Japan, which Doesn't Suck to a Staggering Degree.

My favorite matches are all pretty weird, so we shan't go into them. My all-time favorite bounces around between Santo-Casas 7/87, Misawa-Kawada 7/93 and 6/94, and Benoit-Austin 5/01, the latter of which due to its importance in getting me to appreciate the Depth of the Professional Wrestling.

For the 2002 Awards Year so far, my favorite match is the Infernales vs. Niebla/Olimpico/Safari match from the December 2001 CMLL PPV. If you've seen this and think Rock/Hogan is better, feel free to email me your home address so I can punch you hard. My least favorite is Sasaki/Ogawa, but hopefully I made that clear. If you're Naoya Ogawa, feel free to send your address so I can punch you real hard.


I am also the only man in the History of Time who turned down the Opportunity to watch Hijo del Santo and Satanico so that I could watch a Dance competition instead. I regret nothing.

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